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It is our vision here at Folium Oils to provide you with the highest quality gourmet culinary oils at excellent prices. We have been working in the essential oils field for many years, providing people just like you with quality essential oils at wholesale prices. In all cases, we try to ship your order out within 24 hours of receiving it, so that you can rely on quick delivery of whatever you have purchased from Folium Oils. Folium Oils is a distillation of Hands-On AromaTherapy. We have learned over the years that most therapeutic essential oils do not do what they claim. However Essential Oils are excellent as flavorings when fresh or dried are not available. The intense flavor of essential oil seasonings will raise your dishes to a whole new level of taste.

We specialize in essential oils derived from foods, herbs and spices. Anywhere you want fresh or dried spice you can use a much smaller amount of culinary oils. If space is an issue such as in an RV or while camping, backpacking or as part of a disaster or survival kit. Culinary oils are a great option. Culinary essential oils can provide great variety in very little space.

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